SuperBeam 2018 changes

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A note to visitors: We try very hard to produce reliable software but occasionally problems surface, and when they do we rectify them as soon as possible. Each release comes with a 'Latest information' file that details all the changes (except for the most minor) made in each build. Our experience is that our users prefer the candid approach to one of denial and slipstreamed changes. We operate low price subscription update schemes for our programs which keep users up to date during the period of their subscription.

Release 7.06b, 17 November 2018

Users whose activation key ends in I11-K12 can download this release using the Miscellaneous, Check Website for Updates option within the program. How to use the web updates facility. Two minor changes in this release which will only affect a few users:

  • Following the latest Windows 10 update, some printers now will not print jobs that do not have a name. SuperBeam didn't previously assign names to print jobs but now does.
  • In exceptional cases the beam edit dialog could be sized/positioned so that the Apply/Close buttons could not be accessed. In such cases the dialog size/position is now automatically adjusted.

Release 7.06a, 11 October 2018

  • IMPORTANT FIX: Releases 4.55-7.05 sometimes incorrectly calculated the bending moment arising from variable loads (load type 'V') on a true cantilever (span=0). If you have any projects with such members, a recheck is advised
  • Steel beam and column calculation sheets have been redesigned with the calculation now being broken up into sections: Shear, Bending etc.

Release 7.05e, 11 Sept 2018

  • Grid entry problems in 7.05d fixed
  • Sundry small user interface and calculation presentational changes

Release 7.05d, 3 Sept 2018

4 Sept: Owing to problems with grid load entry this release has been withdrawn.

  • BM/SF & Load diagram PDF border width was lost on exiting program - fixed
  • Enter Activation Key dialog now has user name, email and serial number fields prefilled if a valid key has previously been entered.
  • The Project Manager Expand button functionality has been changed slightly - see ReadMe file for details.
  • Sundry small user interface and calculation presentational changes

Release 7.05c, 2 May 2018

  • Paste option for OLE pages removed
  • Sundry small user interface and calculation presentational changes

Release 7.05b, 5 February 2018

  • Beam load and BM/SF diagram border width is now entered as a value (in pixels) rather than yes/no checkbox (enter 0 for no border).
  • If Auto o.w. was checked for a beam extended as a cantilever, the program could hang if particular span values were entered - fixed
  • Data entry grids (beam loads, column loads, page heading etc) now use current theme colours
  • Further UI improvements


Change log | 2018 . 2017 ... -2001