SuperBeam 2021 changes

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A note to visitors: We try very hard to produce reliable software but occasionally problems surface, and when they do we rectify them as soon as possible. Each release comes with a 'Latest information' file that details all the changes (except for the most minor) made in each build. Our experience is that our users prefer the candid approach to one of denial and slipstreamed changes. We operate low price subscription update schemes for our programs which keep users up to date during the period of their subscription.

Release 7.21b, 19/21 Feb 2021

  • Reorder loads within beam edit dialog didn't work - fixed
  • With summary calculation selected, timber beam calculation window incorrectly said 'No loads entered' - fixed
  • Where steel column 'extends above' box was checked, moment split calculation was incorrectly shown (values used in calc were correct) - fixed
  • Text page didn't save 'Link lines' setting - fixed
  • Feb 21 build: Fix for AV on adding column to an empty project

Release 7.21a, 15 Feb 2021

  • Deflection calculation was wrong for PLs part way along cantilever (span=0) and part UDLs starting part way along cantilever - fixed
  • For columns and timber posts, any additional load is now added to moments resulting from reactions taking account of signs.
  • Project Manager font wasn't saved and recalled - fixed
  • Steel column printout didn't print hollow sections on load position diagram - fixed
  • Various small user interface improvements


Change log | 2021 . 2020 . 2019 . 2018 ... -2001