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Steel and timber beam/column design to BS449 and BS5268


Steelwork design and checking to BS5950-1:2000


Steel and timber beam/column design to Eurocodes EC3 and EC5; RC beam design to EC2


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SuperBeam and ProSteel manualSuperBeam and ProSteel user manual, 101pp, £6.95 + P & P, last revised in April 2019.

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EuroBeam manual

EuroBeam user manual, 143pp, £10.95 + P & P, last revised in May 2019.

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Greentram Software was based in Melbourne, Australia having tradin in the UK until 2008 as Survey Design Associates Ltd.  Online50 Limited acquired the intellectual property and software assets of Greentram Software Pty Ltd on 30th Sepemeber 2021.  Since the first release of SuperBeam in 1989 more than 3,000 UK architects, surveyors and engineers have purchased one or more of our programs.