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- QSEDBUK boiler database browser - no longer available

QSEDBUK is no longer available

QSEDBUK was a free program that allowed for easy searching and selecting of domestic heating boilers and combis using the data in the SEDBUK boiler database.

At the start of 2006 the contents of the SEDBUK boiler database were changed so as to omit the boiler minimum output. This change made it impossible to sensibly select a boiler by output, since there was now no way of knowing whether (say) a boiler shown as having an output of 18kWh would only run at this output or whether it was a modulating boiler which would happily run over a range of 6-18kWh. The latter would have been eminently suitable for a house with a heating load of 8kWh and would give quick DHW reheat; the former would spend its time cycling and would not be a good choice.

For a while we continued to make QSEDBUK available by shipping it with the last usable database but after a while this excluded too many current boilers so we sadly took the decision to withdraw what many people had found to be a useful program.