ProSteel 2021 changes

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A note to visitors: We try very hard to produce reliable software but occasionally problems surface, and when they do we rectify them as soon as possible. Each release comes with a 'Latest information' file that details all the changes (except for the most minor) made in each build. Our experience is that our users prefer the candid approach to one of denial and slipstreamed changes. We operate low price subscription update schemes for our programs which keep users up to date during the period of their subscription.

Release 7.21m, 29 September 2021

  • Missing image file(s) in page heading file template are now handled gracefully rather than triggering an AV error

Release 7.21l, 23 September 2021

  • Fix for bug that could cause AV on reading in project with beam o.w. load

Release 7.21k, 13 September 2021

  • Minor technical changes only

Release 7.21j, 23 July 2021

  • When you selected 'Auto o.w.' for a beam the last PL (if one or more) was not shown on the beam loading diagram - fixed
  • Column calculation printout revised slightly.
  • Column calculations can no longer be done for slender sections subject to axial loads and bending (previously they were deprecated). Nearly all the affected sections are thin-walled hollow sections and would generally be a sub-optimal choice.
  • Autosave code has been changed so as not to close any open edit dialog when it cuts in

Release 7.21i, 3/5 June 2021

  • Important fix: For beams extended as cantilevers, the cantilever moment was erroneously taken as the moment at the span side of the reaction - fixed.
  • The handling of automatically added beam self weights has been improved. Following a user suggestion, where selected the o.w. load is now placed at the top of the load table and is given a type of 'O'.
  • Angle cleat connection calculations with just one set of bolts have been reworked.
  • Fonts weren't correctly initialised on first-time install - fixed
  • This release is built with Embarcadero Delphi Sydney 10.4.2 which hopefully fixes random stability errors reported by a few users.
  • 5 June build: Fixes a problem with adding loads to a beam

Release 7.21h, 22 April 2021

  • Previously for padstones you could only enter a height if the 'Unreinforced padstone' box was checked. Now you can enter a height in all cases.
  • Deleting splice in beam edit dialog triggered error - fixed
  • Beams added to project could be initialised with a grade of S355 although default steel grade set to S275 in User Setup dialog - fixed.
  • Fixed bug that triggered error when you entered five intermediate lateral restraints in beam edit dialog.

Release 7.21g, 9 April 2021

  • Problems with entering loads in beam edit dialog fixed
  • Square root sign was not shown on some calculation sheets - fixed (presentational error, calculations correct)
  • Check for Updates download screen now adds a scrolling indicator to show that downloading is in progress

Release 7.21f, 27 March 2021

  • Fixed bug where beam load type entered in grid ignored
  • When new beam is added to project notes from last beam are no longer brought forward as default
  • Beam edit dialog no longer shows support options where these do not apply - fully restrained beam or user-entered effective length
  • Flag message '... exceeds x% of permissible' wasn't shown where steel beam bending stress exceeded flag warning percentage - fixed
  • Flange plate splice showed an OK message at the bottom when splice failed in bending (bending fail was prominently highlighted above) - fixed
  • Flange plate splice calculation layout revised slightly
  • Text page with no content and 'Link lines' checked caused range check error - fixed

Release 7.21e, 10 March 2021

  • If a new heavier steel section was selected using the toolbar Steel Check button and Auto OW was selected, the o.w. figure wasn't updated - fixed
  • 3x button on steel check dialog didn't work - fixed

Release 7.21d, 3/4 March 2021

  • Steel check dialog returned wrong section if cold-formed section picked - fixed
  • 4 Mar build: Previous 7.21 builds wouldn't let you deselect a column base once one had been added. Fixed and for clarity adding a base is now selected by Yes/No radio buttons instead of a checkbox; if No, the base data fields are hidden.

Release 7.21c, 28 Feb 2021

  • Project Manager was not always updated when adding items or editing data - fixed
  • Entered beam support conditions are now carried forward as defaults for next beam instead of being initialised to 'E' (1.0L)
  • Default steel grade set in User Setup dialog wasn't saved on exiting program - was always set to S355 on restarting - fixed
  • Steel Check button on toolbar and right-click 'Check' on steel calculation didn't work in 7.20b - fixed
  • New beam and column windows are now created expanded if 'Expand' box in Project Manager is checked (user request)
  • Masonry stress in beam edit dialog bearings page is now shown on a green background if derived from masonry strength calculator (as in 2016 and earlier releases)
  • Independent (non-beam) end plate splice didn't save section size - fixed
  • Several stability fixes

Release 7.21b, 19/21 Feb 2021

  • Trying to add flange plate splice to beam could give end plate splice - fixed
  • In connection dialog, column load was not updated when changing supported beam or changing from project beam to user-selected section - fixed
  • Adding end plate beam splice caused AV error if bolt size missing - fixed (now bolt size cannot be blank)
  • Where steel column 'extends above' box was checked, moment split calculation was incorrectly shown (values used in calc were correct) - fixed
  • Text page didn't save 'Link lines' setting - fixed
  • Moving item up or down in project manager could trigger AV - fixed
  • Various small user interface and presentational improvements
  • Feb 21 build: Fix for AV on adding column to an empty project

Release 7.21a, 16 Feb 2021

  • Deflection calculation was wrong for PLs part way along cantilever (span=0) and part UDLs starting part way along cantilever.
  • Beam analysis in 7.20a-d said figures were factored but unfactored printed.
  • Project Manager font wasn't saved and recalled.
  • Steel column printout didn't print hollow sections on load position diagram.
  • Various small user interface improvements

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